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LOG Ltd. is a leading Pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer founded in 1971 in Israel. As results of growing sales in the European market, LOG GmbH, a daughter company was established in the center of Germany and began manufacturing in 2006.

LOG's objective is to create value for its customers with exciting,
Innovative packaging solutions. Share with us your requirements and we will design, validate, manufacture and supply quality, cost effective compliant bottles & caps.
With over 40 years experience in servicing Pharmaceutical & Food manufacturers, we offer a wide range of standard & special products from 10ml up to 5000ml.

Innovative solutions for pharmaceutical packaging

LOG's new innovation line: Log's Barrier Bottles
In response to an ever increasing range of innovative and generic drugs that are sensitive to humidity and oxygen and in lieu of increased stability requirements, LOG has developed three series of Barrier Bottles to protect the product throughout its life span.    
Pharmaceutical packaging - O2 barrierreduces dramatically oxygen permeation & OTR
Pharmaceutical packaging - HO2 barrierreduces dramatically water vapor permeation& WVTR
Pharmaceutical packaging - H2OO2 barrierreduces dramatically water vapor & oxygen permeation
LOG continues to offer a wide range of standard primary packaging with compliancy to the U.S. Pharmaceutical requirements.
LOG's quality program is ISO 15378 (Primary Packaging for Medical Products) certified, complies with FDA regulations and products are registered in the DMF.
Pharmapack Paris 2015
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ISO 15378

LOG proudly announce that we have achieved ISO certification 15378 (Primary Packaging for Medical Products)

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