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LOG Ltd.

is a privately owned, leading primary packaging manufacturer founded in 1971 in Israel. With manufacturing sites in Israel and in Hungary and with sales offices in India and in Germany, LOG is providing a complete support to customers, globally.

LOG is ISO 15378 (Primary Packaging for Medical Products), ISO 9001 and ISO 8317 (Child Resistant Packaging) certified.

LOG's packaging for Pharmaceutical are USP tested and are registered in LOG's US Drug Master File (DMF) # 14601 

LOG's objective is to create value for its customers with exciting, Innovative packaging solutions. With over 45 years experience in servicing Pharmaceutical & Food manufacturers.

LOG is offering a wide range of standard & special Plastic bottles, containers and a wide range of closures.

LOG's new innovation line: Log's Barrier Bottles
In response to an ever increasing range of innovative and generic drugs that are sensitive to humidity and oxygen and in lieu of increased stability requirements, LOG has developed three series of Barrier Bottles to protect the product throughout its life cycle.

Pharmaceutical packaging - O2 barrierreduces dramatically oxygen permeation & OTR
Pharmaceutical packaging - HO2 barrierreduces dramatically water vapor permeation& WVTR
Pharmaceutical packaging - H2OO2 barrierreduces dramatically water vapor & oxygen permeation

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